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Cioccafè has been distinguished by tradition and production quality since the 1970s. Since then, the Company has been producing and marketing unique confectionery products with passion and commitment, taking care of the research and selection of the best raw materials, up to the smallest detail. The foundation of its commercial success lies in fact in the high quality standard of its products.

To improve itself, the Company has decided to join to the customer’s voluntary standards through the IFS (International Food Standard) guidelines, whose application allows to keep all production processes under control.

Starting from the planning of all activities, Cioccafè carries out an economically compatible business management, continuously improving the efficiency of processes and food safety.

The key points of the company policy are:

Obtain the satisfaction of your customer (commercial distributor, public establishment or final consumer). Here are the objectives that Cioccafè wants to achieve with the implementation of this standard:

• Strengthen the technical and organizational skills of production in synergy with all other processes

• Guarantee the healthiness and qualitative constancy of the product

• Reduce wastages and inefficiencies;

• Ensure workers a safe, comfortable and healthy work place, applying the prevention, containment and sanitation measures indicated by the health authorities;

• Achieve customer loyalty by creating chocolate-based products in order to ensure consumer satisfaction for quality and reliability;

• Involve all operators, suppliers of raw materials, materials and services in the company’s food defense;

• Making products that are safe, according to law, authentic and close to the costumer’s requirements.

To achieve these targets, the management of Cioccafè provides to:

• Adopt and use the methods for the quality of products and processes, and food safety according to the laws in force in Italy and in the countries of destination of the product, according to the standards IFS

• Ensure that the quality policy is shared by the entire company organization. All employees, at all levels, must be aware of the importance of their behavior for achieving customer satisfaction;

• Provide the necessary resources to achieve the listed objectives;

• Plan, coordinate and check informations, programs and work activities;

• Ensure that furnishers also have the same levels of quality as the Company;

• Be aware and train staff on hygiene and health standards, implementing procedures and behaviors to avoid contagion from the outside and among internal workers;

• Periodically review the quality system and other related systems.

Through the direct involvement of the company management, Cioccafè promotes respect for the dignity and freedom of the person at every level, regardless of gender, religious faith and social class.

One of Cioccafè’s most important business priorities is the environmental management. For this reason, Cioccafè is committed to manage the plants taking into account:

• an efficient use of energy and materials

• develop and promote the replacement of fossil energy with renewable resources inside and outside the company;

• the reduction, where possible, of the production of waste and replacing mixed packaging materials with fully recyclable materials;

• to install systems and machinery, and use materials in contact with food, which are safe, produced with materials that are safe for the health of the consumer and with a reduced environmental impact;

Cioccafè srl is committed to spread the environmental policy to all company levels.

Aprilia, 20/06/2020

The Chief Executive Officer
Salvatore Basile

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